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4 advantages of moving from friends to boyfriends

4 advantages of moving from friends to boyfriends

You may have heard that the relationship begins friend does not work well in the long run, since they know the deepest secrets from each other and this can be reversed when transform the relationship and go from being friends to boyfriends.

But this should not always end well if we act wisely and we reap the benefits offered by our partner be friends before we became brides. Here are some of the advantages:


Boyfriends trusted friends

The trust among you is more than won, so that communication must flow transparent and clear manner which will maintain a pure direct relationship.

Know your past

Of course your friend knows your exes and perfectly knows why they became your ex, so no excuse not to repeat any of these actions and the best will profit This knowledge about you.


Saving stages

By having a previous relationship of friends, HE will save a lot of time Regarding the first stage of knowledge, so they can reach many other phases in a straightforward manner and with deep trust. Both are well known.



Phase see if they can really stop being just friends or go further to be lovers, It can be a fun stage, must ensure that this attraction is real and it is very likely that all background, they can get to fall in love Really.


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