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4 Tips to tell you no longer love him

4 Tips to tell you no longer love him

Mention a man who no longer love him as before is not an easy task. Often this is a decision that should be taken taking into account multiple elements which benefit both members of the relationship. That is why we bring you several tips that break runs smoothly.

Couple breaks up

How to end the relationship by telling you no longer love him

  • If you want to end fast:

If you want to end the relationship with your partner but you want something fast break is to the question is not prolonged much, quote your partner in a public place can help his reaction is not explosive or aggressive.

The first thing to think about before making this decision is what is going to mean separation, for example if they have children, goods in common or joint projects, then perhaps a final separation at the first attempt will not happen as fast as we want.

  • If you do not want to hurt his feelings:

Easily multiple relationships end because feelings change and not because there is a really strong reason to do so. In this event, If you do not want your partner suffer, Ideally address the issue from personal and not placed on the table or guilt complaints.

This is a subtle way to put an end to a relationship where the feelings of both individuals are protected and may take some time to overcome, but eventually you can do.

  • If you want to keep your friendship:

The friendship after a separation of couples although it is possible, should not idealize, because it is difficult to have a friendly relationship with a guy who was emotionally our interest and in the flesh.

But if you both like to keep that bond it is best to place guidelines whose friendship, example of coexistence or good treatment should not be misunderstood or that none should interfere in the new relations. If you want to end with your partner is very necessary to set limits for their friendship to function in the best way.

  • If they are co-workers:

No hardest thing you have to find your ex in the corridors of the office or even worse, be with you in the same office.

Thus, If you are planning to end your relationship but they have to continue working together it is recommended that the ad do the most pleasant and quiet as possible, They give itself time and space for the other person to process and clearly must make living arrangements of which are comfortable for both.


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