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20 Things You Can Do to 30 That will improve your life to 50

20 Things You Can Do to 30 That will improve your life to 50

1. No fumes. If you smoke, leave immediately

Smoking is limited or you take the activities in which you are busy, annoys many people and 100% often it is harmful to your health and for the rest. You may feel that you have mucho control sobre ti, do not be sad, but whenever you can try to quit, I guarantee you that será una de las mejores decisiones que tomes en tu vida. To meet the challenge, part by saying "Do not smoke" instead of "I'm quitting", It is a very effective psychological strategy and help you meet your goal.


2. Stop eating junk

It is so common to see people eating junk food that we will not bring tragic consequences on our health. La mayoría de comida chatarra están hechas por componentes que con el tiempo dañan tu salud.


3. Keeps (a fix) the relationship with your parents and family

In the family never fouls discussions and rifts. If you want to have peace in your life you find seeking forgiveness for what has perhaps made us distance ourselves from our family. Now it is when to act, We do not have to wait, because all time is now.


4. Stop sun exposure without sunscreen


5. Exercise regularly

Build a healthy lifestyle now, so when you have 50 You will not find face the daunting task of "being active" because we have incorporated exercise into your routine.


6. Start saving money. If only a little

When you are in the 30's, most people do not need to use all their income, so there is a surplus that could be saved for use later in life.


7. Learn to be happy with what you have


8. No more searching procrastinate your life goals

It is easy to leave things for later, think that the time will come and say 'someday ...' but time really starts to accelerate when you meet 30 and it does not stop. El momento perfecto para cumplir todos esos sueños es ahora.


9. sleeps

Sleep is something whose value begin to appreciate over the years. Having a good sleep hygiene allows you to have a clear mind, renewed energy in your body and be in good spirits to face life.

10. Looks after your teeth

For teeth, prevention is better than cure. If you care today you avoid endless pain and expensive treatments when you turn 50. In addition, one nice smile can take you far in the life.


11. Save memories rather than things

You are the sum of your experiences. Do not wake up one day in your 50's to realize you've spent your time and money on things rather than moments. Memories do not depreciate, not age, no one can steal the and always have a great value to your life.


12. Do something for someone


13. Be curious and do something bold whenever possible

Look for the biggest adventure you can, take pictures, do not worry, arriésgate, Energize feel alive and with that feeling. Someone adds to your experience and built the beautiful memories that will accompany the rest of your life.


14. Read at least 10 books a year

Your brain never stops growing, Use it to things that bring you, you stop teaching and you give away a moment with yourself.


15. Traveling as much as possible, Everything you can

Traveling will change as few things do. Will take you to places and put you in situations that will make you grow much. It is to experience life in a completely different way, one to discover aspects that were unknown and stop fearing things, stop fearing life ... and inspire others to stop fearing life.


16. Learn to meditate


17. Be yourself

When you get to your 50's little you mind walking impress others. Now you can begin the path to self-discovery, so when you get to the 50 You have many things clearer.


18. Keep a diary


19. Become a homeowner


20. Look after your friends

Choose to surround yourself with people who make you feel you're already the best version of yourself, challenges you with his example and make you genuinely enjoy your company. Your friends are your companions, aprecialos.

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