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10 tips for a summer love

10 tips for a summer love

One of the most amazing things about the holidays is the chance to meet a summer love, a wonderful person to join us in these days of warmth and romance.

If there is something they have all summer loves the intensity with which they live. That happens to us because Tarry meeting someone new at a time in which we feel free, no obligations, with nothing to think about... our senses are relaxed and therefore everything feels skin deep. In addition, unconsciously, we know it will end, and you know what that means ... When you feel that something slips through your fingers you, Just you want to hold on to it stronger!

With the arrival of summer appear the desire to leave, do picnics, go to the beach, enjoy the sun and fresh air; What better excuse a summer love to achieve all this and pass it really well? In addition, surely you tend to hang out with people who have similar interests to yours. Instead the have a summer love, new ideas can emerge from very different fun to yours. Why not try something new?

If you look far we have talked about intensity, transience and much subidón, a mixture of the most explosive and it has all the ingredients needed to make a mark ... And so. Summer loves having something different, something that makes them stay recorded forever in your memories and can remember them fondly ...! Without the pressures of study, family and work, Summer loves They were made to have fun and enjoy to the utmost.

And who knows? If both agree go ahead with the relationship beyond the summer Why not try? Who says you will not find the man of your life in this way?

Full of love and experience your life this summer


So you're ready when super meet, we leave the 10 Golden rules loves summer. Follow them and your heart will be safe from any accident:

1. Honesty above all

So no one gets hurt is important to be honest about our intentions and expectations. If you're just looking for a summer free tell us plainly. We all deserve to know where we stand before opening the doors of our heart.

2. Keep your standards

Not because it concerned a passing relationship means that you must settle for the first guy who comes up to you on the beach. The beauty of summer relationships is spending time with a person you really appeals, and with whom you can create unforgettable memories to which you can return to your head when you need.

3. Do not break your own rules

We know that the summer temperature increases, but no it's okay to break your own rules. Stay away from people you do not normally relationships in this way, as friends, ex boyfriends, or coworkers.

4. Do not expect anything

Remember that it is a fleeting adventure, so do not expect anything from you, or feel committed to give anything. The less expectations of the relationship have the better you are going to spend. If there is anything you are not willing to tolerate, Dilo from the beginning. Or if you wait title girlfriend for 2 months, also warns, so he will know how to treat.

5. Beware!

This goes for both your body and your heart. You are solely responsible for your welfare, so do not commit anything you do not want, do not get in games you do not like, and do not put yourself at risk, or physical or emotional. You know you better than anyone, Beware!

6. Be spontaneous

The best thing about summer adventures is that they are so, an adventure. Live it as such and encourage you to do things you normally would not dare, like taking dance lessons, enter couple yoga or take a trip to some exotic destination.

7. Put expiration date

Frees summer's end. If there is no future for the relationship, Get yourself an expiration date and respect her. Mark it with something relevant, as the day when you come home, or the day you return your best friend, or the day you walk to school.

8. Discretion

We know it's difficult, but try not to vent your free for all social networks. If this does not last, You do not want all your friends know you had a summer fling. Platícales only your closest friends and others leave for you.

9. Forget about jealousy

This rule has a lot to do with the part of not having expectations. If there is no commitment by, Do not be jealous of every girl you talk, or because his ex-girlfriend you put something on Facebook. Remember what you are and enjoy it as it is.

10. Shed

As everything in this life, Summer loves having a cycle that must be closed to proceed. When you reach the expiration date that you put yourself, Say goodbye to your best. Chapter ends with a wonderful kiss and a deep look into that person you shared your summer. Then close the book, and open a new one.


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