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10 benefits of sunbathing

10 benefits of sunbathing

In recent decades it has been emphasizing the love-hate relationship that humans have with the sun. Until the middle of last century, the ideal of beauty was determined, largely, by the whiteness of the skin; in fact, dark and bronzed tones were related to work in the field or outdoor, thus, with lower social status.

That view began to change from the years 60. At that time the brown skin jumped to the social pages and became synonymous with glamor and health.

Sunbathing looking dark tans such widespread behavior when specialists from around the world began to relate the excessive exposure to an increased risk of developing skin tumors were turned unheeded at first. The increasing incidence of skin cancer and skin aging, supported by a wide range of scientific studies, He finally convinced sun worshipers that he had to take seriously the issue. The problem is that many opted for radical measure everything possible to hide the sun and see it as a dangerous enemy, what, according to experts, It is a wrong attitude. While the excess is bad, it is clear that you can not live without the sun. It is the basis of life energy and contributes to health, among other benefits, the following:

1. Strengthens bones and teeth

Did you know that every time you tan your bones will strengthen? Although the sun will never come to your bones, UV help produce vitamin D in the skin. Remember that this vitamin is important for bone mineralization, to promote absorption in the intestine of calcium and phosphorus and prevent its loss in the kidney.

While most vitamins and minerals have to be taken in food, in the case of vitamin D metabolism has a “ace in the hole”, because is it able to produce on the skin when a precursor has known as 7-dehydrocholesterol (that comes from “feared” cholesterol) thanks to the UV radiation from the sun.

Bastan 5 from 10 minutes of sun, two or three times a week to recharge deposits vitamin D. In our geographic area it is very easy to get, because we have sunshine all year, but in countries with less sun horasde, there is more incidence of rickets in children and osteoporosis and osteomalacia in adults.

2. Improves the appearance of your skin

If your problem is acne, the sun in moderation can help, just half an hour of sunlight per day to improve the appearance of your skin. The key is that you take it first thing in the morning or late afternoon, when you have no danger of burn and do not overdo the 30 minutes.

Do not panic if the first week suffer a worsening, That means the sun is causing cleaning reaction, He thinks that the skin has no recourse but to remove the fat and impurities to expel what is left over to fix the problem.

After a week the skin will recover his balance and healing will progressively. If it is not thus, you may have developed “acne aestivalis”, a type of acne is caused by the moisturizing ingredients of creams photoprotective.

Another skin disease which is doing very well in the sun is the psoriasis. Nowadays, lamps are used with certain UV frequencies to help reduce the diseased areas and remitting disease.

Relax sunbathing

3. Boosts immunity

Have you noticed that in subsequent winters holiday in the sun have less colds and flus? It has been seen that the sun is able to increase the number of white blood cells or lymphocytes, the cells responsible for the first defense against infection.

4. Balances cholesterol

Are fats are dissolved in the sun? Well it sounds strange that happens, the people living in sunny climates They have less incidence of cardiovascular disease.

It has been found that cholesterol levels are lower in summer, partly because the UV light is needed to metabolize cholesterol, and when we take the sun lowers cholesterol and prevents sticking to the arteries.

Another explanation is also that in summer we move more and eat more fruits and vegetables in season.

5. Lowers blood pressure

Did you know that some athletes avoid sunbathing before a competition? The sun causes vasodilation of the superficial blood vessels. Like this It increases blood circulation on the skin, lowering blood pressure values.

Also increases metabolism and clearance tissues. These beneficial effects may turn against an individual athlete, because the voltage drop can cause decreased alertness before a test, but after the competition or people with hypertension the sun has a medicinal effect.

The explanation appears to be in vitamin D again. In the presence of this vitamin levels decrease parathyroid hormone, responsible for releasing calcium from bones and regulate blood pressure. When levels of vitamin D by the sun, parathyroid hormone and decreased blood pressure.

6. It protects against various cancers

Did you know that there are cancers that occur most often in countries with fewer hours of sunshine? Mediterranean countries have a lower incidence of breast cancer, colon cancer, etc. compared to Nordic countries.

The explanation for this natural protection again in the protective effect of vitamin D against tumors. Recent studies have found that sunlight helps protect not only of breast and colon cancer, also against other tumors such as ovarian, bladder, uterus, stomach, lymphomas and prostate.

7. Wards off depression

What do you feel better after a sunbath? It seems that under the sunlight It is easier to see the positive side of life and tiredness away, depression and stress.

The explanation is that the UV increase production of a neurotransmitter related to the feeling of wellbeing: serotonin. This neurotransmisore also involved in sleep regulation, body temperature and sexual behavior.

You do not need many scientific experiments to know that time affects emotions. For example, We use the word “grey” to designate a mood that matches cloudy days.

A few years ago a psychological condition known as described Seasonal affective disorder o SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) It is affecting 20% of the population and it is characterized by the appearance of depressive symptoms in winter, they disappear when you get good weather.

8. It enhances sleep quality

Dream. What you sleep better and less hours after sunbathing?

What you sleep better and less hours after sunbathing? In summer the days lengthen and it is easier to wake up rested despite having slept a few hours. The explanation again due to the effect of UV rays on another hormone: melatonin.

Melatonin is responsible for many functions, including regulating sleep cycles. Melatonin levels in the blood are higher overnight, when no light. When it is light, melatonin decreases and we feel more awake and active. So if you want to maximize daylight hours, nothing better than alarm clocks leverage effects of sunlight, like the morning coffee.

9. Promotes sexual life

What your sexual life is more intense in summer? Without falling into the summer topics, the reality is that there's more sex in summer than in winter. The explanation is another hormone: testosterone, it has been found that the sun in moderation increases testosterone levels in the blood, and this hormone is one of those responsible for the sexual appetite.

In animals, the onset of the breeding season is regulated by sunlight hours. Although humans do not go through times of “forehead”, we have seen that the male sperm is richer in sperm in the summer season. Any relation will…

10. Protects against multiple sclerosis

What you do a degenerative disease of the central nervous system with the sun? Scientists have not yet discovered, but it seems that the ratio is in the increased levels of vitamin D. The facts speak for themselves: the incidence of multiple sclerosis (IN) It is higher in countries with fewer hours of sunshine. It seems that sun exposure in childhood dramatically reduces the risk of developing this disease in the future.


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